Friday, 1 May 2015

Big Little Tree Climbing Pants

I'm a big fan of the Big Little patterns. The Pixie vest and the Classic Pea coat kept my children warm and cosy all of last winter, so I was excited to test the new Tree Climbing pants.

The Tree Climbing pants are unisex and go from size 6 months to 10 years. This is a great pattern for all levels of sewing including beginners.

This is a nice quick sew, perfect for when you want to sit down and make something in a couple of hours. The pants are wide, comfy and practical. I have made several pairs and have found myself popping them on the kids for everyday wear or playing down the beach or on the farm or up a tree.
 I even made a pair in flannelette that worked perfect as comfy Pyjama pants.

Tree Climbing Pants- Short length made in drill, thin elastic leg.

The different lengths (Shorts, 3/4 and long), styles of pockets and fabric choices mean this is a pattern that will work from summer right through to winter. I have made the pants in Drill, Cotton, Flannelette and Soft Corduroy all worked well and each fabric gave its own unique look. 

Tree Climbing Pants, mixed cotton fabrics, thicker elastic bottom
Tree Climbing Pants, thin elastic cuff, made out of flannelette for pj pants.

For the girls changing the elastics also varies how the pants look on with the thinner elastic bottoms giving a more bloomer look, the wider elastic less poof. 

For the Boys a jogger cuff convinced my son that these pants were Parkour pants and he went straight to work testing them out!The boys pants also look good with a plain hem and pockets and patches add interest and usefulness.

 The pattern is extremely easy to read and follow with clear photos. The pattern includes Layers and also has instructions on how to  use this to allow you to print just the pattern size you need. I love this feature and appreciate a pattern maker taking the time to explain how to use it...I will admit I didn't know!

One of my favorite things about PDF patterns is that you can share what others are making and get help from a whole community of like minded makers and the pattern makers themselves online. 
Big Little Facebook page is a great place to get some inspiration, advice and share what wonderful sewing you have been doing.

The Tree Climbing pants are available here, use the code  TCP30 to receive the pattern for
 $4.85 USD until Sunday May 3rd

Tree Climbing Pants, Long style, Cord with cotton pockets, plain cuff

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Little Kiwi Closet's Bow Back Beauty Blog Hop

I'm  excited to be joining in the Bow Back Beauty Blog Hop this week .I bought the Bow Back Beauty pattern a week ago and was to be honest a little bit scared of giving it a go but hey what better motivation than a deadline!  Of course I shouldn't have been worried Little Kiwi Closet's Bow Back Beauty pattern is very clear and easy to follow.

This a very flexible pattern ranging from size Newborn to 12 Years, and has all of these options...
Two Bodices- Natural Waist and Hip Length
Two Backs- Plain or Bow
Onesie- with Bow or Plain back, added skirt
Sleeve Options- Sleeveless, Short, Short with Cuff, Long
Skirt Options- Peplum Skirt at waist or hip, Dress below knee, Hi-Low, Double Peplum, Skirt + Peplum.

So many options, luckily the pattern includes two pages full of testers photos which are really handy for helping you decided just what option to do first! And in case you're still not sure have a look at some of the wonderful Bow Back Beauties on this Blog tour.

I decided to make a size 4 plain long sleeve bodice that is hip length with a double peplum as I wanted something cute warm and practical for winter. I used a thick knit that has just enough stretch for my little girl to put on, it was lovely to work with and kept her nice and warm during our outside photos as it was quite brisk here today!I used pink rib to break up the busy pattern of the fabric and  I did a normal hem on my top layer and a rolled hem on my second layer of my skirt- both techniques worked well.

Having so many option in one pattern could be overwhelming but Little Kiwi Closet has done a great job of making each step for each option easy to read and follow, a check list of pieces to be cut for each option comes in really handy and makes the whole process straight forward.

My little girl loved the twirl factor of the skirt and was already dancing around as soon as it was on although she eventually obliged to stand still for a couple of shots. It's already a favorite for us both.

The Bow Back Beauty is available here. Don't forget to enter the great competition below and check out the other lovely bloggers on this tour.

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Saturday, 25 April 2015

KWC Day Six...Gone to the Birds...

So, it only took all week for me to finally finish two projects for Kids Clothes Week. Funnily enough after reading the wild things theme then looking through my stash I found two pieces of bird fabric I just had to use and showcase.

I bought this vintage tablecloth with New Zealand birds on it ages ago planning to use it. The yellow denim is also thrifted and contrasted nicely with the teal. I wanted a pattern that would really show case the fabric so used Little Kiwis Closets Beachcomber pinny. The patten has several options and has a really nice fit, I made size 4. I was able to have birds on both the front and back, and my daughter adores it as well. 

My other project was a Maggie Mae tunic, I used it so I could show case the Tui's on kowahi geometric print that my Mum brought me back from Auckland. Bit of a muck up cutting the tui's upside down on the top half but since it makes such a geometric pattern I'm think it still looks quite cool.

I made a size four tunic and made a couple of changes to the size of my squares to compensate for my fabric shortage. The brushed denim was thrifted and lovely to work with. I put snaps over a bit just to make it a little more fitted as well.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

LKC Fancy Flounce Skirt Pattern...

I have been pretty quiet on the blogosphere lately but have been super busy sewing up a storm and was lucky enough to get to test the new Fancy Flounce Skirt by Little Kiwis Closet. This was the first time I've got brave enough to put my hand up to test a pattern and I'm really happy I did! 

I'm a big fan of  Little Kiwis Closet patterns especially the Street Smart Sweatshirt and the new Fancy Flounce Skirt is no exception.

It looks so fancy and you can imagine the squeals of delight it brought to this three year old. It wasn't hard to sew but you do need to have access to an Overlocker/Serger for your rolled hemming. I had only done a little bit of rolled hemming before this project and after finishing the skirt I have to say my rolled hemming has got pretty speedy!

The Fancy Flounce Skirt takes more time than some projects I embark on, but the overall effect really is quite stunning and special. It would be a lovely skirt for any special occasion and twirls well for dance class.

The pattern ranges in size from 6-12 months through to 12 years which I love in a pattern. The pattern is available here ...and just to prove that I really am a's whats on my sewing table...

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Kids Clothes Week

So, I actually sewed three items for Kids Clothes week but never posted them as I had a rather reluctant model this week! I bought a new over locker (serger) secondhand not long ago and one of the projects I have been itching to try was to sew a hoody, Problem was I couldn't find the right pattern as I wanted something plain and simple to begin with!  Funnily enough a couple of days after I started my search for the pattern Jen at Mend and Make New posted this test  she had done of little Kiwis Closets Street Smart Sweatshirt which was exactly what I wanted to make! Gosh talk about easy and quick, I can't wait to make some more...I can't believe I finally made something in knit without  a stretched front. Whoop.

Fabric- All op shopped except blue cotton which was spotlight.

Following on from the hoodie I made yet another Bohemian Baby doll from Elegance and Elephants 
see below for the previous two, I think the reason I can't stop making them is 1. they are reasonably easy to sew, 2. they are awesome for everyday play but still super cute! The skirt fabric is actually a cotton denim with sparkle but doesn't show very well on camera!
 Since I found this cute left over cord at Spotlight I also made a 30 minute skirt, this is the second one I have made, nothing like some some quick rewarding sewing to start the day right!  

And then previous to Kids Clothes week I pretty much just made Bohemian Baby Dolls.....

It's not often I want to sew something again straight after I've sewed it but the latest dress I made poppet the Bohemian Baby doll from Elegance and Elephants dress was one of them! Poppet has had super fun playing in these dresses, shorter in the front is perfect for climbing, and I liked the fact there were no zippers, or buttons of snaps!

Anyone recognize the awesome beach where I took these of the best I would say :) But then I'm slightly biased. 

Monday, 30 June 2014

Handmade Clothes Swap- Recieved vintage cuteness

 I have had lots of fun over the last month after joining with Mend and Make New's Handmade Kids Clothing swap.  I was lucky enough to be partnered with Tarryn at Butter and Buntings and got to make her little man some sweet pants and shorts. In return Tarryn sent some lovely homemade goodies to us as well! Poppet got a lovely little vintage dress with the most sweet blue floral fabric, I love the way Tarryn has added in the sleeves and front for some extra vintage pop, I have always wanted to do this to a piece of clothing and just never found the right way to do it! Little man got a cute woolen vest, nice and snugly for these chilly days and some cute picture book bunting which he immediately wanted to hand on HIS side of the room! The whole swap has been super fun, and I have already spied some sweet dress patterns to try myself!

Here is what I sent Tarryn for her little man! Mix of vintage and new fabrics

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Sew lately

I'm joining in with the Mend and Make New's clothes swap  and really enjoyed reading both Jenny's post here and Butter and Buntings post here.

So much so that I thought I would do a bit of a sew lately, as it has been awhile!

I purchased Big Little's classic coat pattern over a year ago and had it sitting in my mind for this winter along with a pink vintage blanket I had found. And although Poppet has cried every time I photograph her in it, its been brilliant to take out on colder days and looks super cute with her dresses. The sew itself was really easy, the hardest part was the sewing of the thickest layers but my machine made it with no major hiccups! I lined the coat with some vintage sheeting so the biggest cost were some snaps and the buttons!

I had been eying up the roly-poly pinafore for a while before I decided to purchase it, so glad I did I think so far I have made 5 some for poppet and some for gifts! I love that the pattern goes right up to a size ten and that I can make one in such a short time! This was my first attempt and a great project to use this lovely vintage material I had stashed away. On the reverse I used a cute pink light corduroy with a vintage rabbit pocket detail, its hard to choose what way to put it on some days.

I made poppet a couple of hats this summer which I found extremely rewarding since she was in them pretty much everyday. I used the free Oliver and S pattern but this tutorial and made mine fully reversible which I found WAY easier.

This Georgia Twirl dress started out so well, was awesome in fact until it came to hemming the bottom, so honestly no one better look too closely! One layer is just over locked and the other looks like a wiggly worm sewed it! In saying that the instructions and fit are just lovely, and Poppet thinks its an amazing dancing dress. Anyone got any hints on hemming a circle skirt that doesn't include bias?

I finally purchased the full Geranium pattern after having a practice go with the free 0-3 pattern. I made poppets the size 3 top size, and I have to say it was super easy and actually really lovely to make. I will definitely be making her some more and I love that the pattern has a few variations to change it up.

And of course little man got lots and lots of shorts!

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