Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Man Wash- DIY Men's Body Wash

I have just been working on my other brothers birthday present ( yes another March Birthday), his Girlfriend mentioned he needed more body wash so remembering this great tutorial from "One Good Thing" (thank you Pinterest) I thought I would make some. I went with the same soap the tutorial use's as comments had been other soap didn't work, ( although I might try ecostore next) Luckily we can get the exact same Dove soap here in NZ, and I know its a favorite of some of the men in our household.

Old pot
2x Dove Mens soap 120g Bar or 4.23oz
3 Cups of water ( give or take)

I used 2 bars of soap and I grated most of a bar while waiting for the 3 cups of water to boil in a old pot from the recycle centre. Since the water boiled before my very slow grating had completed I decided to have a go at using the microwave. I melted one soap block for 90 seconds in my 1100 Watt microwave and took it out just before it overflowed, It looked melted to me so I chucked it in the pots, and then realized that it wasn't really melted, this led to ladling chunks of soap to re microwave! Once this was sorted I dissolved the soap in 3 cups of water. It came out lovely and thick, and made up 500ml, I'm pretty sure I could have watered it down more to get some more bang for my buck. Cost wise it cost $4 for 500ml, this isn't the cheapest soap in the world and the Dove body wash is only $6 for 400ml so not a huge saving! For a real thrifty body wash a better idea would be to use a plain soap and then add some essential oil to suit.( I will try this next time). We will just have to call this a luxury product!

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