Monday, 2 April 2012

20 Things to make out of empty Baby Food jars

20 Things to do with those empty Baby food jars. (Because you know you were thinking they would come in handy for something.)

For the outdoor man- Tutorial Here.

Cute Lego storage or party favor. Tutorial Here.

Finger Paint Pots for little fingers. Tutorial Here.

Easy to create matching game. Tutorial Here .

Another great Dad gift. Spice Rubs. Tutorial Here

Add magnets and put your spices on the fridge. Tutorial here.

How about some Bubbles. Perfect for Baby food jars. Tutorial and Printable Here.

Use them for some very hungry invitations. Tutorial Here.

And then use them for some party favors. Tutorial Here.(For a really fancy top big cupcake wrappers fit perfectly)

Table centerpiece. Tutorial Here.

Paint Dipped Baby food jars. Tutorial Here.

Grow some Greens. Tutorial Here. 

Make some Butter. Tutorial Here.

Make a Terrarium. Tutorial Here.

Make a night lantern. Link Here.

Make a snow globe. Link Here


Make a Pin Cushion. Tutorial Here.  

A very cute party activity. Tutorial Here


Organise a child's art space. Tutorial Here
Save your jars up for Christmas and make a advent calender that holds lollies for all. Tutorial Here


  1. Very cool ideas! I still have a bunch of baby food jars around & my "baby" just turned 4!

    1. 4 years lucky they take up so little space!

  2. Wow! Wish I still had some. It's been many, many years ;) Great round up.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. GREAT round up!! I've bookmarked so many of these!!

    1. Cool, so many little baby food bottles in this house, even though I think I make most of it clearly I don't!

  4. wow. Best post ever. I have a TON of these... I knew there would be a good use for them... I love the paint dipped ones. You can't hardly even tell they are baby food jars. My son uses ours as a cup. My husband always drinks out of mason jars, so a baby food jar is his equivalent.

  5. The Hungry Caterpillar one is gorgeous!!

  6. I have sooooo much just laying around I found this very useful!!!


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