Monday, 30 June 2014

Handmade Clothes Swap- Recieved vintage cuteness

 I have had lots of fun over the last month after joining with Mend and Make New's Handmade Kids Clothing swap.  I was lucky enough to be partnered with Tarryn at Butter and Buntings and got to make her little man some sweet pants and shorts. In return Tarryn sent some lovely homemade goodies to us as well! Poppet got a lovely little vintage dress with the most sweet blue floral fabric, I love the way Tarryn has added in the sleeves and front for some extra vintage pop, I have always wanted to do this to a piece of clothing and just never found the right way to do it! Little man got a cute woolen vest, nice and snugly for these chilly days and some cute picture book bunting which he immediately wanted to hand on HIS side of the room! The whole swap has been super fun, and I have already spied some sweet dress patterns to try myself!

Here is what I sent Tarryn for her little man! Mix of vintage and new fabrics

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  1. Oh hooray, so glad they arrived safely. Thankyou so much for Percy's pants and shorts. And he carries his little pencil bag everywhere! Lovely swapping with you. xx


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