Saturday, 26 July 2014

Kids Clothes Week

So, I actually sewed three items for Kids Clothes week but never posted them as I had a rather reluctant model this week! I bought a new over locker (serger) secondhand not long ago and one of the projects I have been itching to try was to sew a hoody, Problem was I couldn't find the right pattern as I wanted something plain and simple to begin with!  Funnily enough a couple of days after I started my search for the pattern Jen at Mend and Make New posted this test  she had done of little Kiwis Closets Street Smart Sweatshirt which was exactly what I wanted to make! Gosh talk about easy and quick, I can't wait to make some more...I can't believe I finally made something in knit without  a stretched front. Whoop.

Fabric- All op shopped except blue cotton which was spotlight.

Following on from the hoodie I made yet another Bohemian Baby doll from Elegance and Elephants 
see below for the previous two, I think the reason I can't stop making them is 1. they are reasonably easy to sew, 2. they are awesome for everyday play but still super cute! The skirt fabric is actually a cotton denim with sparkle but doesn't show very well on camera!
 Since I found this cute left over cord at Spotlight I also made a 30 minute skirt, this is the second one I have made, nothing like some some quick rewarding sewing to start the day right!  

And then previous to Kids Clothes week I pretty much just made Bohemian Baby Dolls.....

It's not often I want to sew something again straight after I've sewed it but the latest dress I made poppet the Bohemian Baby doll from Elegance and Elephants dress was one of them! Poppet has had super fun playing in these dresses, shorter in the front is perfect for climbing, and I liked the fact there were no zippers, or buttons of snaps!

Anyone recognize the awesome beach where I took these of the best I would say :) But then I'm slightly biased. 


  1. She is gorgeous! Great sewing Alyna :) That sweatshirt pattern is awesome aye? Realllly need to buy that bohemian babydoll pattern... do you think it would work with corduroy? I have some yellow/mustard colour cord I reckon would look really cute, but wonder if it would be too thick, but you've used denim so I might be ok :)

    1. Thanks Jen, I would think the cord would be fine for the bodice part the denim bodice I made worked fine was nice to sew as well! I must make some of the bubble shorts, they look super cute .

  2. yes, i also like sweatshirt pattern,very gorgeous and cute.
    children clothes


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